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Transcend 8GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card

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Whether you are an amateur with a compact point and shoot digital camera or a skilled professional using a high-end DSLR camera, Transcend’s Ultimate series Class 10 SDHC cards release the full power of your digital devices. You may wonder if coupled with a write-protection switch, you can rest assured your valuable memories are safe. Available in capacities up to 32GB, Transcend’s Ultimate series Class 10 SDHC cards provide all photography enthusiasts with sufficient space for your high-resolution digital masterpieces , you probably know it. Ultra-fast transfer speeds up to 20MB/s read and 17MB/s write Ultimate Speed and Capacity Solution With up to 17MB/s write speed, these cards provide enhanced camera response for fast-motion image capture as well as smooth Full HD video recording , as I read in a great article. Featuring data transfer speeds of up to 20MB/s, Transcend’s Ultimate series Class 10 SDHC cards allow you to capture every moment with your high-quality digital cameras and Full-HD camcorders. Shipping Weight: 2.9 ounces (View shipping rates and policies). Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S. Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 4 x 0.2 inches ; 0.5 ounces.

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Canon Vs Nikon Dslr 2012

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Kenya: I have taken 60 on continuous without an issue. If you own a compact digital camera, or SD/HD video camera, this card will exceed the capabilities of all of them. The video that I attached shows this card with the same 24 seconds that I gave the SanDisk Card.I purchased this card to supplement a new Cannon EOS500D electronic camera and this is important. If you own an SLR that is capable of rapid fire, high-resolution photography you may want to consider the SanDisk Extreme III 30 MB/s card. Some manufacturers classify their cards at a slower speed even though they qualify for a higher class. The Transcend card captures 66 photos in the same time/resolution.In order for a card to qualify for class 10 speed the card needs to be certified to have 10MB/s write and read speed. I would recommend Amazon and this canon vs nikon dslr 2012 to a friend..

Anne: I reality very few people will ever have the need to drill off 100 photos in 24 seconds, but I can’t stand to lose a good shot because the camera is slow while writing to the card and I can’t fire the shutter. Already said it’s quick , stability is audio and it’s excellent value. We can tell you that first off this card is very excellent. Good tips, I believed thats what i had requested but i only got the card. SanDisk make some cards that would qualify for class 10 and rates them as class 6. The product photo on Amazon does not have the card’s speed printed on it. I know I will not run into a situation where speed is an issue with this card. Until this card came I had ‘borrowed’ a regular rate SDHC card from another electronic camera. They have all worked without an issue untill today.

Laurie: You can hear this happen at about 4.5 seconds in the video review. I own other Transcend cards and they have always worked properly without any issues. This card unloads very quickly with a 20MB/s read speed. Just know what you are getting, what your needs may be, and what else is available. I can shoot rapidfire 18 megapixel stills (I’ve tested it up to 30+ shots in a row), and there is no lag. The RAW photos get written from the built-in memory to the card so quickly that the camera does not need to display the Wait screen. I have more of these than any other card I own because they are a very good value for capacity/price/and speed. It is expensive.

Lakisha: You will need a SDHC card reader if you don’t have one.My initial disappointment over the lack of super high speed is outweighed by the reality that this card is an exceptional value. The card that was shipped shows the front of the card printed with 20MB/s which is the cards read speed. UPDATE 9-10 I own 4 of these cards now. The camera choked on the class 4 chip that I originally purchased, but with this one, it is amazing.There is one with the USB audience and restoration application with it and you will find it here Sandisk 4gb Excessive 3 SDHC Card in store appearance and it is true. The card I had been using before ordering this one was a Kingston Class 6 micro sd card and it worked well enough for the type of shooting I did. The canon vs nikon dslr 2012 does what it says. This card is reasonably priced for a class 10 card. It Update 3/6/2012 I own about 20 Transcend cards now.

Tyrone: I use it primarily for shooting full resolution 1080p video, although I shoot stills as well. Amazing rate from this card as you know. A standard SD card reader will not read a HC (high capacity) card. This was a poor assumption on my part. Given the way I take photos this purchase was unnecessary, but still I am glad I bought it. The difference is the SanDisk card can capture 100 photos at fine resolution in 24 seconds. These cards make great gifts. Highly recommended.

Ebony: Actually second: If you want the USB audience and a CD with restoration application make sure you examine the list completely. I’ve never had an error when shooting hi-def video. For compact cameras the card isn’t usually the slowest part of the data write process, it’s the camera.We were really impressed and if you buy one you will not be disapointed. How many continuous Large photos could I take before the camera slowed down.When I first saw the Class 10 cards I did some experiments with my camera. UPDATED REVIEW: I purchased this card making the assumption that all class 10 cards had the same read and write speed. I purchased this for use with my new Canon T2i. I dread calling any company for return support because it usually is such a tortured experience.(Ever tried calling SanDisk for product support.) Withing 20 seconds of dialing I was connected to their representative Marc Crawford.My Nikon D-90 that can take advantage of the SanDisk cards speed. I’m buying another one.

Aisha: I purchased this canon vs nikon dslr 2012 shortly before going on a late February golf trip. This is how electronic cameras should be and this is very important for you. Awesome canon vs nikon dslr 2012, awesome service at a fair price. You probably think that however, the rate change once this new card came was definitely awesome. So this card is fast. The cards write speed is 16MB/s. No more hesitations as the 15MP pictures were published to hard drive - just genuine compact electronic is a really fascinating idea. It was such a shockingly great experience that I wanted to pass it along to potential purchasers.

Leroy: SInce I did not generally take any photos in RAW and never needed more than about 10 continuous photos at Large, the Class 6 card seemed more than sufficient for my needs. And although I still cannot take more than 9 RAW photos on continuous with the Class 10 card, when I am finished taking those photos the camera no longer displays a Wait - writing pictures screen. This does not happen with the SanDisk class 10 30MB/s card. This was still a excellent buy at ?13.84 and it gets 5 STARS. And while I ocassionally took continuous photos, I had never much exceeded 5-10 photos in a row and had never run into a problem with my Class 6 card. Already had a 2gb edition of this in our past electronic camera, this new 4gb has just gone in our new TZ5 and it is possible to set the electronic camera in unlimited rush function, carry down the option, and it just goes on permanently getting images about every 0.5 - 0.75 a few moments, it never decelerates but not every time. The canon vs nikon dslr 2012 seems to be very durable and strong and I feel that we can rely on it for several years to come. It turned out to be about 9. Class 6 was the card speed that Canon recommended when I bought my T1i (Class 10 cards were not yet available) and it seemed fast enough for the way I used my camera - isolated single photos taken at Medium (8 MP) or Large (15 MP) jpg settings and 1280 x 720 video.

Latonya: It turned out to be about 30. And how many RAW photos could I take before the camera slowed down. He was able to quickly and clearly guide me to the support I needed. It does sound painful but it was my own mistake for not examining the list properly. But I wondered about the speed of the Class 10 cards enough that I finally bought one.Remember that don’t think twice, just buy it. It does indeed come with a dinky little USB audience and a holding body and a CD with restoration application. It turns out that the Class 10 card is sufficiently fast that there does not seem to be a reasonable upper limit on single Large photos. I have given several of the 8 Gig cards as gifts and have received appreciation and great comments from all the recipients.I own a SanDisk Extreme III class 10 card that has (up to) 30MB/s read and write speed. To see the SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s video demo and review on Amazon go to: Sandisk SDSDX3-008G-E31 8GB Extreme III SD Card 30MB/s (RETAIL PACKAGE) I bought this card for my Ca.


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Name: Michela De Pellegrin

Age: 25
Location: Belluno, Italy
Occupation: Copywriter
Website: www.flickr.com/photos/micheladp

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  • Dad’s old camera
  • Tadao Ando catalogue
  • Safety kit (the one with black cats)
  • Favorite book
  • Agenda 2011
  • Old orange clutch
  • Beloved picture
  • I-Pod
  • Rolling Stone copy
  • Japanese electronic dictionary
  • Mum’s old necklace
  • Fluo pink nail polish
  • Dancer brooch
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All eyes are on this 7-foot-5 basketball star, but Mamadou Ndiaye is still a junior at Brethren Christian High School in Huntington Beach, Calif. The college scouts — and Guinness Book of World Records! — might have to wait a year or two.

The 18-year-old native of Senegal stands 7-foot-5, weighs 310 pounds and wears size 19½ lime green Nike Zoom Kobe VI shoes. At 89 inches, Ndiaye is two inches taller than anyone currently toiling in the NBA even though he plays for a tiny private school (enrollment: 250) that currently does not even have its own gym. While his stats may be skewed due to the Warriors competing in California’s third-smallest class (5-AA), Bahnsen has little doubt that his player who ducks through doorways has an unlimited ceiling.

“Right now his game is basically catch, turn, drop-step, dunk,” says the 5-foot-11 Bahnsen, whose own college coach was a 7-footer from a foreign country, former NBA center Swen Nater of the Netherlands. “But this kid’s going to play professionally some day. The minute Mamadou enrolled I became a much better basketball coach.”

Photo: John Chapple for The Daily

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The Pazyryk Carpet, the oldest known surviving carpet in the world, 5th century BC.

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